The Ultimate Customer Avatar Workbook
Get Inside Your Customer’s Heart, Mind and Wallet With This Free Downloadable Workbook
What People Are Saying...

I've got highly relevant ads! This is now a norm.

"I now use this workbook to create ads copy and customize the target audience for my paid ads."

-Jean Ginzburg (Twitter: @JeanGinzBurg)
Find out what makes them awake at night. Learn their buying behavior. Discover their goals and needs.
This document makes it easy for you to:
  • Access your customer’s hidden desires, wants and needs
  • Write head snapping headlines
  • Publish juicy blog articles and web content
  • Create exciting email newsletters that stir up your customer’s emotion
  • Develop sales and marketing campaigns to attract customers who are WILLING and ABLE to buy from you right now
  • Have a crystal clear picture of what type of content that best resonate with your target market … no more writer’s block!
  • Launch irresistible offers  
About Adil Zuberi
Adil Zuberi created"The Ultimate Customer Avatar Workbook" in order to help his existing clients. He was frustrated to see lack of emphasis on building a customer profile by the so called, gurus. 

There is not a single comprehensive resource on the internet that enables you to create a customer avatar that will guarantee your success with your products, offers, sales copy, emails copy, ads copy, segmentation and audience/target selection.

Adil is founder of Superpower Solutions Ltd., an international digital marketing funnels production consultancy based in the UK.

Adil works with information products businesses and online publishing companies and help them develop and deploy predictable digital marketing strategies for scaling up fast.
Adil Zuberi, MBA
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